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May 17, 2017 · Real numbers are all the numbers on the number line. They are of two types — rational & irrational. Rational numbers are all those numbers that can be expressed as the ratio of two integers i.e. all integers and fractions. Irrational numbers are all real numbers that are not rational, both positive and negative. 3.2 Pre-Algebra -Whole Numbers ,integers and the Number Line; 3.3 Comparing and ordering numbers; 3.4 Observing patterns in Whole Numbers; 3.5 Column Addition of Decimal Numbers; 3.6 Whole numbers; 3.7 Introduction to rational and Irrational Numbers; 3.8 Comparing and ordering rational Numbers; 3.9 Commutative and Closure properties of the ... All other rational numbers can be written as Examples 5, T' , o, 0.3, —1.2, 9 Irrational numbers Irrational numbers are Their decimal representations neither nor If a positive rational number is not a perfect square such as 25 or g, root is The opposite or additive inverse of any number a is The reciprocal or multiplicative inverse of any ...