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I am using Flysky i6 transmitter with ppm output, Arduino Uno R3, flysky X6B reciever connected to PPM output. Arduino and X6B connected to pin D4 5V and GND. In the code I am using #define PPM_RECEIVER and #define CAL_DISABLE options, in serial monitor I can see, that there are 0% per each of 8 channels. If I comment #define CAL_DISABLE… Arduino Code to read PPM timings I wrote some code that allows me to capture about 100 PPM frames in a row and outputs the timings for each channel, the sync pulse and the framelength. Maybe someone wants to try and report some results and if these match to generate a PPM signal. I'm using this working library to extract H2 & Alcohol in PPM from sensors. I only need the PPM for my project as I want to send this as an osc message. But the code of the library is made up s...