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Three carbon atoms now have an octet configuration and a formal charge of −1, while three carbon atoms have only 6 electrons and a formal charge of +1. We can convert each lone pair to a bonding electron pair, which gives each atom an octet of electrons and a formal charge of 0, by making three C=C double bonds.In this structure, there is one electron less on the oxygen atom, which is not satisfied with the octet rule. So, we have to assign a formal charge on the oxygen atom. Now, the Lewis structure shows that the oxygen atom shared three bonding pair of electrons and two nonbonding electrons. Choose most stable resonance structure based on Formal Charge for SCN-and N2O 2. Consider the following different Lewis structure for OClO-[]OCl O[]OCl O[ O Cl O] a. Use the boxes to indicate the formal charge for each atom. b. Circle the least stable Lewis structure. 3. Assign oxidation numbers to each of the atoms in the following molecules: a.