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Displace modifier with direction X/Y/Z/XYZ can now work in local or global space. Displace modifier support for multi-threading. Mirror Modifier: add offsets for mirrored UVs. Other Improvements. Delete Unlocked Vertex Groups in vertex group list menu. With mirror modifiers, the name of the bones controllers must end with a two characters side, eg: "hand.l" or "hand_L" for left, "hand.r" or hand_R" for right side. If multiple bones are included in the vertex group, they must be from the same side. Performances are generally fine for models made of ~25.000 polys. Blender 2.8X Introductory-Level Instructional Handout on How to Model a Low Poly Horse: Mirror Modifier, Loop Cuts, and Clean Up Tools (English Edition) Mirror (Blender Remix) Episode 1