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We say that the bond has a dipole — the electron cloud is polarized towards one end of the molecule. The degree of polarity in a covalent bond depends on the electronegativity difference, DEN, between the two bonded atoms: DEN 0 - 0.4 = Nonpolar covalent bond Topic: Intermolecular forces Molecular geometry, dipole moment. 8. Which compound would you expect to have the highest boiling point? 42. The number of unique open-chain structures corresponding to the molecular formula C3H5Cl is1 day ago · However, as there are partial negative charges on the Chlorine atom and have a net dipole moment, CH3Cl is a polar molecule. Physical properties of Chloromethane. Methyl chloride or Chloromethane is an odorless and flammable gas. It is an organic compound. (a) CH3Cl (b) CH3CH3 (c) NH3 (a) Dipole-dipole interactions will be the strongest forces because the C-Cl bond has a dipole moment. (b) Dispersion forces dominate because CH3CH3 is a symmetrical nonpolar molecule.