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Just as the title of the movie depicts, 365 Days (2020) subtitles file is only available in English, We're already planning to add more languages to our future subtitles, Meanwhile Subscene & Yify subtitles provides all subtitles languages.English subtitle for 365 Days (365 dni) Subscene 3.0 . ... HI Removed Official Subtitles, Fixed & Corrected Work with All WEBRip/WEB-DL Versions Duration: 01:53:57 ... For a 365-day project you pick something that you’re going to do every single day of the New Year. The project can be in any life area, including fitness, creativity, family, and so on. For example, you could decide to take a photograph every day for a year; create a sketch every day for a year; or read a bedtime story to your child every day ...