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Close up for natural gas burns on the kitchen stove in the dark. Media. Red and blue flame of gas burner, cooking Closeup shot of blue fire from domestic kitchen stove. Gas cooker with burning flames propane gas Steel pot on the gas stove with burning. Boiling pot on the gas stove fire. Red flame of gas stove heating large pot in kitchen. < Back / Heating and Cooling / Fireplaces / Gas Fireplace Valves > Compare. ... Blue Flame Silver Satin Chrome Zinc Gas Valve Key Item no. 4397154 | NKY.8.06. Can a gas fireplace be installed in a bathroom? Can a gas fireplace be installed in a bedroom? Can gas hearth products burn either natural gas or LP gas? Can I cover the louvers on my fireplace or insert face? Can I remove the glass panel on my gas fireplace? Can I use an existing masonry chimney as the vent for my gas fireplace? Creative Refillable Jet Butane Blue Flame Windproof Motorcycle Fire Gas Lighter. It is a handy creative bike shaped Jet Torch Firelighter manufactured from high quality Metal and ABS Plastic. It is a refillable blue flame butane gas lighter with a touch of impressive innovation.