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Tesla's updated companion app now offers dual-motor Model 3 owners the option to purchase an "Acceleration Boost" upgrade that will instantly Per Tesla's source code, the improvement for rear-wheel drive models will also be a half-second. Offering improved performance in exchange for cash...Sonic Forces: Speed Battle, also referred to as Sonic Forces (Mobile)4 or Sonic Forces - Racing Battle5 is a 2017 online battle-racing game. It was developed by Sega Europe and SEGA HARDlight for the Android and iOS mobile devices to promote the then-upcoming Sonic Forces at the time.1 It was soft-launched by Sega on the App Store (and eventually Google Play) on 11 September 2017 in the ... Aug 20, 2020 · The basic EcoBoost is much more appealing, shedding a whole 3.5 seconds from that figure, though Ford’s inclusion of fourth-gear acceleration from 31mph to 62mph is even more telling – 11.0sec ... Modifications can be done to any vehicle in the game. Most modifications improve performance on the vehicle and allow a player to make their vehicle better. Level '0' is Default/Stock! This list is in order of appearance in the modifications section. Categories : Upgrades.