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Jan 29, 2014 · By using Nodejs you can get the advantage of its asynchronous behaviour, which in certain case may increase the performance, and you may not need to migrate an existing MySQL database to some other NoSQL database to gain additional performance. How to Use MySQL with Node.js. For using MySQL with Nodejs, we can use the nodejs driver for MySQL. 为了简化用户的工作,Node.js 抽象出操作系统之间的特定差异,并为所有打开的文件分配一个数字型的文件描述符。 方法用于分配新的文件描述符。 Node.JS Write to File. Node.JS Write to File – To write content to a file in Node.js, use writeFile function of node fs module.. Syntax of writeFile; Example 1; Example 2 – With encoding mentioned