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Simple planet generator made in Unity. Could have spent more time making the colours make sense, but for now it can just go hog wild with random colours. Followed a tutorial by Sebastian Lague and decided to play with it a bit more. May 12, 2018 · Creating the procedural mesh. The procedural mesh we’re going to create in this post is a simple cube. Create a new C++ class that inherits the actor class and declare the following properties on its header file: I presented a paper at GDTW in Liverpool titled 'Citygen: An Interactive System for Procedural City Generation'. The paper provides an overview of the system describes in some detail the concepts of adaptive roads, city cell extraction, road growth and snapping algorithms. A procedurally generated sci-fi platformer created in Pico-8. Ah! Nice catch! Uploaded a new version with a fix. This was a stupid logic bug where if you pressed X AND Z at the same time, you could sneak into Hard Mode without having completed the game first (requirement for the mode).