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See real-time production and usage. Up to the now readings. See real-time production and usage. Sense Solar tells you exactly how much energy you’re producing, using, and selling back to the grid continuously, in real time. Go ahead and charge your EV, it’s high noon! Stay trendy. Build your home’s live energy profile. Stay trendy. Build ... Proton is a web-based building controller that integrates building automation and energy management systems. Proton provides the tools to visualize, monitor, control and report on building operation in real time. Access to the system is via a local Wi-Fi or network connection using common web-browsers. Sense identifies patterns in your energy use to help your family be more efficient, informed, and secure. MONITOR YOUR HOME’S ENERGY USE FROM ANYWHERE: Real-time data through our iOS, Android, and web apps. AVOID DISASTER: Set custom notifications for critical devices, like your sump pump, well pump, or flat iron.